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Well, to start, not someone who loves to talk about herself :)


I'll just make a list because I like lists. Here are a bunch of random things about my photographic journey. 

-I've been a photographer since I was 17. Shout out to Ms Adler. 

-I booked my first event during 4th period, junior year in HS. It was a backyard 50th birthday party hoedown. It was awesome. I made $300.

-I started with black and white film, hand developing and printing. then went to color at my first job in a 30 minute photo lab. thats where i started learning photoshop when it was cs2, and i used the clone stamp like a boss. 

-I used to bring 12 rolls of film to an event, (i wasn't doing portraits then) then id develop, print and put them into an album to deliver to the client. 

-Started on with a Canon AE-1. My first digital camera was a Nikon, but I switched back to Canon the first day I started at Picture This. What a day that was.

-I never thought I would be a family photographer. I always wanted my own 30 minute photo store, boy how times have changed. 

-I've definitely evolved, and still like to evolve though it gets harder i think with age. I think my main goal now is to enjoy my appointments and deliver happy pictures.

-I'm not very technical. I like a blurry picture if it makes me feel something. but i so enjoy looking at the work of photographers who ARE technical, and amazing with lighting. all things i have no patience for :)

-I'm a gemini, a millennial, a morning person

-And a mom and a wife

photo credit: Chrissy hofheins port aransas, tx

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